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Perfect Marshmallow Roaster - Set of 4

Part Number PMR-SET
Perfect Marshmallow Roaster - Set of 4
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This unique marshmallow roasting stick design makes roasting over an open fire a more pleasant experience. It makes roasting golden brown, soft, puffy marshmallows easy.  Hereís what sets the Better Marshmallow Roaster apart from other roasting sticks:

Made With High Quality Stainless Steel

We decided to use high quality stainless steel for our roasting sticks because it maintains its quality, itís durable, and it looks nice. Most roasting sticks are made with lower quality chrome-plated steel. Chrome-plated steel chips and rusts easily so it doesnít last as long.  Stainless steel, on the other hand, is protected by a layer of chromium oxide that prevents it from corroding. It also has a very hygienic surface that is easy to clean which makes it ideal for roasting.

Prongs Point Towards the Handle

This means your marshmallows wonít slip off into the flames and ashes. When your marshmallows start to get soft and golden brown, they will never go farther than the end of the roasting stick.

Two Prongs Instead of Just One

The better marshmallow roaster was designed with two prongs to hold your marshmallow so that when it gets soft it stays in place. With other roasting sticks, once your marshmallow gets soft it loses its ability to rotate with the stick. This makes it hard to roast your marshmallow to a golden brown all the way around. So, we fixed it.

The handle and the roasting prongs line up.

Having the prongs and the handle line up makes it much more comfortable to turn and keeps your marshmallow in one spot as the stick rotates. This keeps the heat source consistent, which makes roasting a perfect marshmallow a whole lot easier.

Handmade in the USA

Every single roasting stick on OutdoorRoasting.com is hand crafted. This ensures that we can provide you with high quality roasting sticks that you can start using as soon as you get them.
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