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Marshmallow Roasting
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The best camping fork is called the “Perfect Marshmallow Roasting Stick” even though it works just as well to roast hot dogs and polish sausage. This camping fork has several great features which are not found on any other camping fork:

Set of 4 - $34.99


The skewers point toward the handle, leaving a blunt end and preventing your marshmallow or hot dog from coming off when the kids swing it more vigorously than they should.


The skewers are directly in line with the handle so that as you turn the handle, the marshmallow or hot dog stays in the same position on the fire or hot coals. This gives you precise control. With a conventional camping fork, your marshmallow or hot dog will move from side to side as you try to turn it.

Unique Functionality

This camping fork can hold up to three hot dogs or two marshmallows at a time. The most important feature is the twin skewers. The twin skewers securely hold the marshmallow or hot dog to ensure that they always turn when you turn the handle and they do not slip off inadvertently.

There is nothing more satisfying than to take a camping fork and slowly roast a perfect marshmallow which swells to twice its size and turns a golden brown. Before you ever get to this point with a conventional camping fork the marshmallow will get too soft and will stop turning with the fork. The twin skewers prevent this and always keep the marshmallow turning.

Order a Set of 4 - $34.99