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Marshmallow Roasting
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Roasting a Marshmallow

To roast a marshmallow we are going to start by suggesting that you use the Perfect Marshmallow Roasting Stick.

To roast a marshmallow you need a steady heat source. That could be a bed of hot coals, a bed of charcoal or even a fire with leaping flames. In the case of the fire with leaping flames out will position your marshmallow very low on the fire where the flames are really not moving. Here the heat is constant.

To roast a marshmallow, first skewer it. Then place it about 4 inches from the heat source and start turning it. You will see it changing color and beginning to swell. This should happen slowly. If it is happening fast you need to turn it faster and move it farther from the heat or both. It must turn brown very slowly in order for the heat to penetrate all the way to the middle. When you roast a marshmallow you want the middle to be as soft as the outside.

You will also observe that it tends to cook on one end more than the other. Change the angle of your roasting stick so that the end of the marshmallow that is cooking slower is closer to the heat and the other end is pointing away from the heat.

The novice will tend to cook very fast and usually catch the marshmallow on fire. Following these instructions and using the Perfect Marshmallow Roasting Stick described below will make you look like a pro.

Perfect Marshmallow Roasting Stick

Set of 4 - $34.99

The skewers are directly in line with the handle.

The skewers point toward the handle.

The twin skewers securely hold whatever you are roasting.


The skewers point toward the handle to make a blunt end and prevent poking.


The skewers are directly in line with the handle. As you turn the handle your marshmallow stays right where you want it. No more flopping from side to side as you turn the handle.

Great Holding Power

Another great feature is the small diameter twin skewers. The twin skewers securely hold what ever you are cooking. They ensure that what you are cooking always turns when you turn the handle and that it does not slip off inadvertently. This stick can easily hold up to three hot dogs or two marshmallows at the same time. With most marshmallow roasting sticks the marshmallow sags down and stops turning with the stick before you are done roasting it. When you use the perfect marshmallow roasting stick to make the perfect roasted marshmallow the twin skewers will keep the marshmallow turning as long as you want it to.

There is nothing more satisfying than to roast the perfect marshmallow or hotdog. Most of all, it is fun making memories with your children and grand children.

Set of 4 - $34.99