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Marshmallow Roasting
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What Are Marshmallow's Made Of? You Might Be Surprised...

People all over the world have been eating marshmallows for over a century. There’s something about those puffy, white treats that keeps us coming back for more. Some even feel compelled to see how many they can fit in their mouth. Maybe it’s because of their sugary sweetness, or because they are soft like a brand new pillow.

When it comes to marshmallows, there’s one question that seems to go unanswered: What in the world are marshmallow’s made of? Marshmallows are a mysterious confection that no one seems to know the ingredients of. (Confection: a dish or delicacy made with sweet ingredients)

Marshmallows are actually a very simple delicacy that only contains 6 main ingredients.

Here’s What’s In a Marshmallow

  1. Sugar (Surprise!)
  2. Corn Syrup
  3. Unflavored Gelatin
  4. Water
  5. Air
  6. Corn Starch

Fun Fact: Over 90 BILLION pounds of marshmallows are sold each year, in the United States alone. With that many marshmallows being pulled off store shelves there is a serious need for mass production. The production of marshmallows is pretty straight forward.

Is There Pig Skin In Marshmallows?

There is a slight misconception that there is pig skin included on the “secret” ingredients list for marshmallows. Pig skin is NOT used as an ingredient for marshmallows. It can, however, be used in the production of gelatin, but not in the way that most would think.

Pig skin contains a protein ingredient needed for making gelatin called collagen. Collagen is extracted from the pig skin, the pig skin is thrown out along with any fat, and the collagen is used in the production of gelatin.

This is 100% FDA approved and poses virtually no health risks. In fact, gelatin is used in a lot more food products than just marshmallows, including (but not even close to limited to): frosted cereals, some candy bars like snickers and twix, jell-o, star-bursts, most gummy candies, and many yogurts.

The Process (How Marshmallows Are Made)

Marshmallows are made in factories all over the world, and the process takes less than 40 minutes.

First. Gelatin is mixed with water so that it can be used later in the production. This mixture is made in massive containers so thousands of marshmallows can be made all at once.

Second. A separate mixture is made that consists of corn syrup, sugar, and water. This is stirred until the sugar is completely dissolved

Third. The sugary mixture is added to the gelatin and water. The combined mixture is stirred until it is a thick, white paste.

Fourth. The paste is squeezed out onto a conveyer belt in long ropes. As it runs along this conveyer belt, corn starch is added right before the ropes are cut into small cylinders (a single marshmallow).

Fifth. The marshmallows are puffed with air, and then left to set up.

Sixth. Once all of that is finished, the marshmallows are packaged and shipped off to different store locations.

That’s really all there is to producing marshmallows. In fact, it’s an easy enough process that you can even make them yourself.

So, there you go. Mystery solved. Marshmallows are made from sugar, corn syrup, water, gelatin, and air. Now go ahead and eat some marshmallows!


P.S. They’re better roasted.